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In the tradition of 'Pilgrimage' this handmade rosary honors the Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Santiago de Compostela, also known as "the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago).  This traditional pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James has become one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the Christian world. St. James the Greater was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus.  After the death of Jesus, St. James went to Spain to evangelize.  Upon his return to Palestine he was beheaded by King Herod.  His disciples recovered his body and translated it to Galicia in a miraculous boat guided by God.  On July 25th, 812, the Bishop of Ira Flaria, Theodomir, after an investigation, declared that the remains found in the tomb were of St. James.  Since then, the area where the holy relics of St. James were found has been known as Compostela, which means "Field of Light".

This lovely heirloom rosary is handmade.  The crucifix, center and St. James medal are hand cast in solid bronze from rare antique vintage pieces.  The crucifix is from Europe.  The skull on the crucifix represents the hill where Christ was crucified over the tomb of Adam.  Eventually, the skull and crossbones under the feet of Christ came to symbolize "Victory over Death".
The rosary center is a cockleshell representing the Pilgrims en route guided by God's hand to Santiago.  Pilgrims attached cockleshells to their hats or clothes as 'pilgrim badges', a sign that they venerated the holy relics.  In the center of the shell is the Sword of St. James.

The Aves, made of wood and terra cotta Paters handcrafted from clay represent the 500 mile pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. James.  Attached to the rosary center is a vintage medal of St. James holding a staff, a symbol of a pilgrim, with a halo in the shape of a cockleshell.

Where ever you are in the world, pray this rosary on your spiritual pilgrimage for your intentions and the intention to follow Jesus as St. James did.

St. James is the patron saint of Spain, laborers, hat makers and rheumatism.

ST. JAMES, PRAY FOR US.  Happy Feast Day!

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