Wednesday, October 8, 2014



October is Down Syndrome Awareness month.

These unique and beautiful sacramentals celebrate life and remind us that "life is a blessing".  Wear these powerful sacramentals in honor of those with Down syndrome.

In honor of life and Dr. Jerome Lejeune, a percentage of the proceeds of the 'Life is a Blessing' collection will be donated to the Jerome Lejeune Foundation.  Dr. Jerome Lejeune was a passionate doctor, a dedicated research worker and a valiant defender of life.  He discovered that the presence of an extra twenty-first chromosome causes Down syndrome.  Dr. Lejeune was an incredible role model to many by his ability to combine his Catholic faith with his amazing abilities as a scientist.

Handmade in the awareness colors of Down syndrome, blue and yellow, these sacramentals are a reminder as Dr. Jerome Lijeune said that 'Before God and man we bear witness that for us every human is a person'.

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