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Unique medal honoring St. Benedict.  

Benedict was born in Nursia, Italy in 480.  He was born into Roman nobility and was the twin brother of St. Scholastica.  While studying in Rome he was disappointed by the corruption and temptations of the time.  He withdrew from society and became a hermit in a cave near Subiaco and remained there for three years in the care of a monk named Romanus.  He was known for his holiness, wisdom and miracles that spread far and wide.  While in the cave, he was asked to be an abbot in a nearby community of monks.  He accepted, but when the monks resisted his strict rule and tried to poison him, he left.  In 530 Benedict began a great monastery at Mont Cassino, the birthplace of Western monasticism, asceticism, community life, and common sense.  The spirit of St. Benedict's Rule is summed up in the motto of the Benedictine Confederation: pax ("peace") and the traditional ora et labor ("pray and work").

St Benedict is the patron against evil and the protector of Europe.  His feast day is celebrated on July 11.

As we advance in the religious life and faith, we shall run the way of God's commandments with expanded hearts and unspeakable sweetness of love; so that never departing from His guidance and persevering in the monastery in His doctrine till death, we may by patience share in the sufferings of Christ, and be found worthy to be coheirs with Him of His kingdom.
- The Rule of St. Benedict, Prologue

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