Monday, July 22, 2013


Unique medal honoring St. Mary Magdalen.

Mary Magdalen was a devoted follower of Christ.  Filled with sorrow over her sin, she anointed Jesus' feet and repented.  He turned to her and said, "Your faith has made you safe; go in peace."  From that moment on, Mary humbly served Jesus and His Apostles.  Mary witnessed Jesus' last moments with Mary, His Mother, and John.  She stood my His Cross and anointed Him at the tomb.  She discovered the empty tomb on Easter morning and was the first person to encounter the Risen.  Christ chose to show Himself first to Mary Magdalen, the repentant sinner.

St. Mary Magdalen is the patroness of penitents, converts, perfumers and pharmacists.  Her feast day is celebrated on July 22.


Saint Mary Magdalen,
woman of many sins, who by conversion
became the beloved of Jesus,
thank you for your witness
that Jesus forgives
through the miracle of love.

You, who already possess eternal happiness
in His glorious presence,
please intercede for me, so that some day
I may share in the same everlasting joy.


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